About Us

At Ibex, “Always Ready” means that you are ready to handle whatever the world throws at you.  Whether that’s feeling safe and confident handling your firearms, or knowing that you have the skills to get out of the woods when you are injured in an unexpected snowstorm with your kids…..you should always be ready.

We offer three distinct courses, each of which are 3-day all inclusive experiences.  Our courses all take place at Deer Creek Mountain Camp in Bailey, CO.  Here, you will have the unique opportunity to escape everyday life and focus on life saving skills while enjoying the mountain wilderness at this secluded camp.

If you are thinking about buying a firearm, taking a concealed carry course or just want to brush up on effectively using the firearm you have, our Introduction to Firearms and Home Defense course will help you understand weapons safety, range procedures and safety, nomenclature, basic shooting and carrying techniques and even get into home defense with a live fire scenario.  Our goal is to help you understand which firearm might be right for you and what the pros and cons of different firearms are.  Once you have an understanding of this, we want to make you proficient in safety, loading, shooting, unloading and cleaning any handgun.  You will leave with the confidence required to purchase a handgun, or to take the handgun you currently have and get to the range to practice!  We want you to understand the considerations associated with having a firearm in your home and how to use it effectively in real life scenarios.

This course is unique because we offer one on one training in a relaxed mountain camp with lodging and food included.  Our instructors each have over 20 years military experience in Special Operations with real world combat experience in every Area of Operations and conflict over the last 25 years.  You will not find a more experienced, laid back group of instructors willing to help you operate your firearm safely and effectively.

If you would like to learn more about the Colorado Backcountry and how to enjoy it safely, we offer the Introduction to Backcountry Travel and Survival.  This course is designed for those that love the outdoors, but would like more confidence and skills to handle the unknown.  We strive to make you proficient in basic land navigation, orienteering, and map reading.  We will utilize the hundreds of acres of private land at our disposal to challenge you and make you confident that you can find your way out of any situation.  Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge needed to get out and enjoy the wilderness and return safely.  We will also address wilderness medicine, weather, shelter and a number of other topics designed to make sure you are comfortable in the backcountry. We will challenge you with a day and night land navigation exercise designed to put your newly learned skills to the test.  You will find your way through the forest with a map and compass and spend a night alone (if desired) in the wilderness.  In the morning you will navigate your way back to camp, enjoy a hot breakfast and know that you have the skills to survive in the backcountry alone!

We think you will love this course because we offer one on one training in a relaxed mountain camp with lodging and food included.  All of us enjoy the backcountry with our families on a regular basis and look forward to sharing our experience with you.  From skiing to hunting and everything in between, you will not find a more experienced group of instructors willing to help you learn about survival in the backcountry.  

Our Family Backcountry Travel and Survival Course is much like the course above but oriented towards a fun family experience.  This course is focused on learning life saving backcountry skills and applying them to sports games and capture the flag to help the kids have fun while applying their newly learned skills.  Families can have rooms or cabins all to themselves and will have plenty of time to enjoy the camp and the forest with their family.  All of our instructors have young kids and know the value of time with the family in the woods and the magic of a campfire.

Minimum age: 8 years old.

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