WHY IBEX TRAINING GROUP?  We are a unique group of special operations ground force operators and fighter pilots that have the combat experience to help your team realize their leadership potential. We will take the world class team you have built and make them better!

We offer 3 and 5-day courses at our training camp in Bailey, CO -30 min west of Denver. 

Each of our courses is designed to develop team cohesion and leadership while helping each individual develop their ability to listen and follow to become a more effective member of the team.

Our courses will use the combat proven method of establishing desired objectives, briefing the team on how to accomplish those objectives, executing missions and then debriefing to those objectives to pull lessons learned.  These lessons learned are the key to ensuring the team is more effective in the future.  Our goal is to have each team member not only leave with a better understanding of their personal strengths and weaknesses but to understand how those traits either help or hurt the team. 

We will utilize extremely realistic full mission combat profiles both day and night to accomplish these goals.  Your team will be paired with combat veterans who have done hundreds of these high-risk missions around the world.  These missions will teach your team to work together and help reinforce the concepts being taught. 

We do not want your team to sit in a classroom day in and day out listening to someone talk about the importance of leadership.  We want your team to experience real leadership in the field by being put in stressful situations modeled after real world events. 

Your team will be provided with all food and lodging at our facility.