Family Backcountry Travel and Safety

Course Objectives:

1. Provide world class, practical one-on-one family instruction in a fun, comfortable and natural mountain environment.
  • Provide living quarters, food, water and limited demo equipment.
  • Families will be able to share a private room that sleeps up to 12, or rent a cabin for their personal use.
  • Small class size will ensure clients are comfortable and training is provided to meet their particular level of experience.
  • Majority of class-time will be out-doors to provide hands-on actionable lessons.
2. Familiarize families with Colorado’s beautiful and rugged terrain, wildlife, vegetation and climate.
  • Family members will learn about types of terrain and climate in Colorado and how to thrive in each.
  • Provide a respect and enjoyment of Colorado vegetation and wildlife. Teach methods to identify, avoid, and if needed, utilize wild plants and animals when we are guests in their habitat.
  • Explore, in a controlled instructional environment, a sample of Colorado wilderness. 
3. Build and develop self-confidence in each family member’s ability to enjoy, navigate, explore and survive in Colorado’s wilderness.
  • Introduce basic and advanced navigational techniques and tools to ensure the ability and confidence to get in AND OUT of the Colorado wilderness and beyond.
  • Build a practical, everyday pack and knowledge of essential survival skills
  • Build a real equipment list of essential and beneficial gear for a variety of future outdoor adventures.
4. Provide families with plenty of time to explore our properties trails and forests.
5. Incorporate the outdoor skills being taught into fun games that families of all ages can enjoy!
Ibex Colorado