Firearms Safety and Home Defense

Course Objectives:

1. Provide a safe, comfortable and personal learning experience to foster and build confidence in personal and home defense firearms.
  • Course inclusive of food and lodging so students are able to focus on personalized instruction while escaping the stresses of regular life.
  • Hands-on lessons with varying sizes and styles of firearms to build an understanding of common pieces, parts and nomenclature.
  • Become proficient at firearms safety, aiming, reloading and storage options.
  • Classes and hands on experience to prepare for a day at shooting range. Thoroughly understand range safety and range protocol.
2. Provide logical and realistic scenario-based solutions for home and personal firearm use.
  • Indoor/Outdoor, home and automobile scenario set-ups for real-life exercises. utilizing realistic size and feel firearms (Airsoft) and firing plastic BBs for instant feedback.
  •  Live-fire day at world-class firing range to demo weapons and target practice.
3. Build knowledge and self-confidence in new and inexperienced gun owners or those seeking to gain confidence in firearms they own but haven’t become proficient with.
  • Instruct weapons safety for home defense, vehicle, concealment or hobby use.
  • Provide real-world practical and actionable solutions to firearms purchase, licensing, care, transportation and storage.
Ibex Colorado